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Document Preparation

Goods with a value of less than AUD$1,000 only require a SAC entry – self assessed clearance. 


Generally no Import Duty or GST is payable. 


Goods with a value of more than AUD$1,000 will require a Formal Import Declaration.


Generally import duty and GST are payable.


As a Licensed Customs Brokers,

Kim can submit your documents  quickly, professionally and accurately.

If you require additional services such as:

Freight / delivery




We can arrange this for you also. 

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Sea / Ocean Freight

Effective customs clearance for any importable or exportable cargo, in any part of the world.

We deal with air freight, parcel post, sea freight, temporary imports and securities.

We’ll make the whole process as simple and as fast as possible.

We could even save you money with our knowledge of free trade agreements.

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Freight Forwarding

Professional freight forwarding service.

Reliable agents from all over the world who work with us.  Together, we’ll get your cargo from overseas to Australia and vice versa.

We can take care of the entire process, from departure to destination, in the fastest possible time and the most suitable way.



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